Jennifer grew up running road races and competing in triathlons around the Midwest. She was a competitive swimmer who then walked on to the rowing team at Kansas State University. In college she returned to competing in triathlons, adding in adventure and multidiscipline racing.

After running her first marathon, Jennifer jumped into the world of ultrarunning. This led to doing ultras around the world and competing in multi-day stage racing for several years, while also learning mountaineering skills, climbing several of the Seven Summits, and competing in open water swimming endurance events.

A life-long lover of water, Jennifer enjoys the multisport lifestyle today, incorporating as many sports – like kayaking, hiking and stand up paddleboarding – as she can in weekend adventure combos with her family and husband. Now a new mom, she enjoys sharing her love for the outdoors with her daughter and Siberian husky.


Jennifer has ran an ultra marathon on five of the seven continents in places like the Canary Islands, Iceland, New Zealand, Patagonia & Namibia

Portland Marathon 26.2
Canary Islands Transgrancanaria 44k
Iceland 55k
New Zealand Tarawera 60k
Grand Canyon Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim

Patagonia 3 Day Adventure Run
Namibia 5 Day Desert Run

Wild Swimming

Jennifer swam the Dardanelles Straight crossing from the continent of Europe to Asia. She escaped Alcatraz and competed in one of the world’s first SwimRuns in Stockholm, swimming in the Baltic Sea and running along the Swedish coastline and royal family meadows.

Europe To Asia Dardanelles Swim
Escape From Alcatraz Swim
Stockholm SwimRun

Mountains, Paddling & Multisport

For nearly 30 years Jennifer has competed in running, swimming, triathloning, and adventure racing. She also enjoys various kinds of paddling and climbing mountains, including three of the Seven Summits around the world, Colorado 14ers, Mt. Rainer, and Machu Picchu via the Inca Trail. She is an Outward Bound graduate.

Mt. Elbrus & Russia
Mt. Kilimanjaro & Safari
Machu Picchu Inca Trail & Peru
Mt. Rainer
Colorado 14ers
Ironman Kansas
100-Mile Century Bike
24-Hour Adventure Race
Multisport Microadventures
30+ Mile Kayak