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Add Fun, Challenge & Exploration To Your World

The all-in-one resource and first handbook for multisport athletes.

Multisport is the newest, hottest fitness event happening in the realm of limit-pushing endurance sport.

With Go Multisport, readers will learn how to walk the edge of a radical new discipline.

This fascinating book, from pioneer in the multisport world Jennifer Strong McConachie, is for people who have run a 5k. Maybe raced a triathlon, even a marathon. But now, they want more. More longevity, more challenge, and more fun. Go Multisport takes readers beyond traditional races, adventure racing and endurance. It outlines how to combine sports in an innovative, ground-breaking way that can be done anywhere.

You can run, you can paddle, you can swim, and you can bike. But can you combine them all together? For ultra-like distances and days at a time? How about skiing, climbing, hiking, SUPing and packrafting all in one day? The athletes at the top around the world are finding multisport the answer for how to train at the highest level.

Go Multisport provides a history, background, and empowering how-to on the combination feat of multisport, the compilation of many sports into one.

Add fun, challenge, and exploration to your world in a revolutionary way with Go Multisport.

  • Combat restrictions
  • Escape the traditional and your routine
  • Harness your inner curiosity
  • Go by your own propulsion

Multisport encourages trying new versions of self-propelled sport, expanding thinking and ways of being active. Use multisport to find wonderous new iterations and thrilling new challenges, from urban adventures, to backcountry treks, to frontcounty trips, multisport meets you where you are.

Go Multisport is available from independent booksellers, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Penguin Random House, and worldwide wherever books are sold.


Go Far

How Endurance Sports Help You Win at Life

Go Far: How Endurance Sports Help You Win At Life is an inspiring look at endurance sports and how they make us better, more successful people. Endurance sports can help personally and professionally as they teach people how to take on adversity, handle challenges, combat stress, and, what’s more, have fun.

Written by endurance athlete Jennifer Strong McConachie, Go Far: How Endurance Sports Help You Win At Life shares her cross-cultural stories from around the world excelling in different sports and how each new experience translates into life lessons and practical tips. You can learn to cultivate what you have in order to find adventure in everyday life and use the skills you uncover to help you win, and go far.

Go Far is available from independent booksellers, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Penguin Random House, and worldwide wherever books are sold.


"Run Long
Climb High
Swim Deep
Go Far"


About Jennifer

Ultrarunner, mountaineer, marathon swimmer, distance paddler, and multisport athlete Jennifer Strong McConachie writes about global adventure travel and the endurance lifestyle.

Jennifer grew up running road races and competing in triathlons around the Midwest. She was a competitive swimmer who then walked on to the rowing team at Kansas State University. In college she returned to competing in triathlons, adding in adventure and multidiscipline racing.

After running her first marathon, Jennifer jumped into the world of ultrarunning. This led to doing ultras around the world and competing in multiday stage racing for several years, while also learning mountaineering skills, climbing several of the Seven Summits, and competing in international marathon swimming challenges.

A life-long lover of water, Jennifer enjoys The Multisport Lifestyle today, incorporating as many sports – like ultra kayaking, rafting, hiking and stand up paddleboarding – as she can in weekend adventures with her husband, children and Siberian husky in and around their hometown of Wichita, Kansas, in the heart of the plains.

A graduate of Outward Bound, Jennifer is a Fellow in the Royal Geographical Society and a Member of the Explorers Club.

When not tackling tough adventures around the world, she is a marketing executive. Book Jennifer as a speaker, presenter or trainer at your next event!

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